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Quick And Free Criminal Records Checks

If you have access to the Internet you can conduct free criminal records checks. Business owners, organizations, schools, government agencies, and even parents might consider conducting free criminal records checks to verify the reputation of certain individuals.

For example, if you want to hire someone to care for your elderly parent, you can benefit from viewing that person’s history to see if the individual has any convictions or pending convictions.  Alternatively, if you are seeking to hire a babysitter, you will clearly want to verify the reputation of the person you hire before hiring them to care for your child.

Some people take advantage of free criminal records checks to check out the history of a person they are dating; this is done in order to determine if a person is trustworthy.  Companies make use of fee-based and free criminal background checks to look into the reputation of potential hires.  If you take advantage of free criminal background checks you will need to bear in mind that these checks are not always 100% accurate.  In addition, when accessing free criminal background checks you will find these history reports are extremely limited in scope.  Some companies offer free criminal background checks as a trial offer so you can explore the information that a fee-based report can provide you with if you choose to pay for a full report.

Fee-based and free criminal background checks draw information from a variety of sources and information is gathered from public records like divorce documents, marriage licenses, tax assessments, arrest records, and county courthouse records.  Such reports, even when fee-based, may not include every criminal conviction or all of a person’s criminal background.  There are some sites that also provided very limited information about a person with a criminal background, like a sex offender registry or an inmate lookup site.

iTunes Preview

iTunes Preview offers an app for free criminal records checks from  This app is the first of its kind and users can get free criminal records checks monthly.  The app allows the user to get free criminal records on anyone through the use of an iPhone.  You can use the app to check emails, your personal phone contacts, or you can use the app to check on anyone you desire.  For more information visit™™ is an online resource you can use to access free criminal records checks. You are provided with more than 1300 links where you can access free records and the links are offered according to the state where you are searching for criminal records.  You can conduct a background search by entering in the name and location of a person you are looking to find records for; you are then provided a list of potential hits, the relatives a person is related to, and the former addresses of an individual.  If you want a detailed record it costs $39.95 a year for full member access and you are offered a seven day free trial.  For more information visit